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Brdt pro video lecture: Distributed Registry Technologies:
Episode 1. Distributed registry technology.
Episode 2. Blockchain.
Episode 3. The history of the development of Bitcoin.
Episode 4. The basic concepts of Blockchain.
Episode 5. Algorithms of a consensus.
Episode 6. Smart contracts.
Episode 7. Regulation of cryptocurrency and ICO (for August '18).
Episode 8. Review of blockchain projects and their application.
Speeches and events with the participation of the head of the laboratory, Anton Shugai:
▪ Report "Blockchain in Medicine: Examples of the Use of Technology" at the XVI St. Petersburg International Conference "Regional Informatics (RI-2018)".
▪ Lectures for students of economics and law faculties of St. Petersburg State University "Blockchain: benefits and harms, applications in economics and real life" (10.19.2018, St. Petersburg State University).
▪ Master class "Blockchain and its applications" at the symposium of young scientists "Digital transformations: promising socio-economic and humanitarian studies" (05.30.2018, ITMO University, St. Petersburg).
▪ Lecture series: "Introduction to blockchain technology" (05/25/2018, FEFU, Vladivostok).
▪ Moderator "Development of the Blockchain Industry: The Estonian E-Government Experience" (September 30, 2017, St. Petersburg).
▪ Conference "SPB. Blockchain The Beginning "(September 5, 2017, St. Petersburg).
▪ "Blockchain in medicine. Examples of the use of technology "in the framework of the conference" Automated Information Systems in Medicine "(04/27/2018, St. Petersburg).
▪ "City Token - Solution of Problems of Modern Cities" - St. Petersburg Digital Forum (April 18-19, 2018, St. Petersburg).
▪ "Blockchain. The Beginning "- the conference" Information Technologies for the New School "(28-30.03.2018, St. Petersburg).
▪ "Trust between counterparties in information systems" - the conference "Information Security of Russian Regions (IBRD-2017)" (1-3.11.2017, St. Petersburg).