blockchain researh, development and tokenization professionals
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Our Services
Trand and lines of product development and researches
Getting investments for your ideas
Managing technical expertise of business projects to find investment in crypto industry.
Business tokenization
The blockchain is now an exciting new alternative to traditional business models. If you are ready for innovation, we will build for you a unique model of token usage or applay an existing most effective one.
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Trading and analytics
We explain how to trade cryptocurrency!
Daily trading ideas, strategies, opinions, analytics on cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.
We will help you to find an interesting and profitable investment project.

Individual training
Lectures and seminars
For begginers we offer individual trainings adjusted to your specific requirements.
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Meet our Team
Anton Shugai
Nikolai Nikolenko
Managing partner
Andrei Vasiliev
Insurance and finance expert
Anna Samokrutova
CEO assistant
Vitaliy Pakin
IT Director
Mikhail Lebedev
Project manager
Elena Kukushkina
Fund coordinator
Elena Sydiko
Klim Tereshenko
Aleksandr Vasiliev
Sergey Bublikov
Junior Full Stack Developer
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